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London Russian Ballet School is the only school in the UK to offer Russian ballet training exclusively with Russian-trained teachers. The charity Kids Love Lambeth performs Russian classical ballet for children throughout Lambeth. Opportunity is made available to all regardless of background or means. If you want to learn more about the school from a student's perspective, please read our blog:

The Boys Scholarship Programme

LRBS is offering FREE TRAINING and TUITION in 2016/17 to all young boys who are accepted at audition in February/March 2016. To apply please download an Audition Application Form or call the school directly on 0207 498 0498.

Auditions 2016

Auditions will take place last week in February 2016 and last week in March 2016. Foreign students may apply at these times or arrange a private audition. For full details please download an Audition Application Form and contact the school. Full financial assistance is available.

All our graduating students have received places in international companies.

The Evgeny Goremykin Male Dancer Scholarship

The Evgeny Goremykin Male Dancer scholarship is available to boys to study ballet at LRBS. The award is for both full time vocational ballet training and academic education. The value of the award may be increased where need is shown.

Other bursaries and subsidies are available on request.

Outstanding GCE and GCSE Results

LRBS is delighted to report the considerable success our students have achieved in the external examinations taken in Summer 2015, this a testament to the hard work of the students and their tutors.


The school’s A-level results were outstanding with 92% of entrants being awarded an A*/A or a B grade, with 40% of the passes receiving an A*/A grade. We are delighted to be able to report such a high percentage of A* and A-grade passes, this underlining LRBS’ commitment to helping our students gain academic success across all subjects.

The 2015 GCSE results were similarly excellent: over the wide range of subjects studied 60% of entries were awarded an A* grade and 90% achieved A*/A or B.


Fred Powell has been offered a contract with a leading European ballet company but instead, following his outstanding A-level results, decided to take the offer to study Russian from the prestigious University College London (UCL). Natalie Carter has signed a contract with Le Palais d’Hiver and will be starting with the company early next year.

Since the arrival of the great Russian artists from the Imperial Theatre at the beginning of the nineteenth century, Russian ballet has been recognised in the West as a unique artistic phenomenon. Classical ballet, as we know it today, was largely created in the Russian Imperial Theatre. The style and character of classical ballet were formed during this Imperial period. It is this style and character that retain and manifest the significance and beauty of classical ballet for the audience today. In the development of classical ballet in Imperial Russia a system evolved, over two hundred and fifty years, to meet the technical requirements and fulfil the stylistic demands of Russian choreographers. Generations of great Russian ballet theatre artists worked within that system to preserve and pass down this heritage while allowing it to evolve. It has produced arguably the greatest ballet schools and method of ballet education. Many of the famous names in the world of ballet are the products of it.

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