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    London Russian Ballet School offers a three year, sixth form vocational course in the Professional Russian Ballet Method. Students must attend school six days a week. There are daily ballet classes. There are also pas-de-deux lessons and Scenic Theatrical /Character Dance, which is a separate discipline in the Russian system. It is taught by a Character Principal of the Russian stage and includes Character Barre and repertoire. There are twice weekly lessons of solfeggio incorporating music history and theory and there is basic instruction on anatomy. Each student is taught the same syllabus they would receive in a serious Russian ballet school. We aim to provide the tools and opportunity to become not just a dancer but an artist. The theatre experience and repertoire knowledge of the teachers is extensive. The student is encouraged to understand ballet as an art form that requires deep respect, hard work and commitment. We want our students to love what they do and learn.

    Academic work is compulsory at LRBS. Each student must take a minimum of two academic A levels, but most sit three A level subjects. The school believes that each student must be not only a rounded individual but also prepared for life, in an increasingly competitive world. As many choices must be available to each student, which may be impossible without academic qualifications.

    The vocational programme involves theatre performances with an orchestra. The School performs at least three times per year on a professional stage. This stage practice is a vital experience for a growing artist. There is no other environment in which the student may test himself, take the work from the class and the teaching he has received to discover what is in himself as a performer. The preparation for these performances involves extensive repertoire work and rehearsal at a professional level. The demands placed on students are high, but all love their work.

    The School is involved with outreach work in the borough, and performs for local schools and at charity events over 8 times per year. These performances are considered to offer further vital repertoire practice.  They are also a means by which vocational students return part of what they receive, performing for underprivileged children in Lambeth. 

    The rules of vocational study are strict. The school asks for clarity on all matters. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for themselves and to communicate with their teacher and members of staff.

    Parents are invited to meet the teachers, both academic and ballet. Parent’s evenings are organised once or twice a year. Parents are invited to watch class on a termly basis and are welcome, at any time, to come to the school to watch a class. All our vocational students manage their academic studies with their ballet education precisely because their ballet is so important to them. We insist that they take all aspects of their lives seriously. Both parent and student are involved in the progress of their ballet tuition. If there are concerns, both student and parent are informed and the areas of concern discussed. Failure to perform academically may involve loss of ballet lessons. It is hard work for all the students, but we have found because they love what they do the students are very happy. 



    At the end of the vocational ballet course, the student receives a Diploma in Professional Russian Ballet Training, A-level certificates in chosen subjects and full assistance with UCAS applications. The school is experienced in preparing students for GCSE and A-level examinations. There is an experienced UCAS adviser who meets with all students and their parents.

    The following subjects are currently offered: English and English Literature, Russian (including Ab Initio), French, German, Spanish, Maths, Biology, Physics, History, RS, Philosophy, Art.


    LRBS is an independent school that offers scholarships and bursaries to all students who apply and are offered a place. We ask all prospective parents and students to understand that funding is allocated to students to make their training and studies possible. No potential student should be concerned about fees. It is most important to visit the school and consider whether it is the right school for each individual. Discussions about fees and circumstances are confidential and take place after a place has been offered. However, it is always advisable to state clearly that assistance will be required.

    The full term’s fee is £5,750.00 excluding accommodation. Scholarships are awarded depending on the prospective student's ability and circumstances. Financial circumstances and requirements are discussed following the audition. Please note that 95% of our students are assisted in one way or the other. It is important to remember this when applying. The ethos of the school is to provide opportunity.

    Further information is available on this website.

    Prospective students are invited for class with our Artistic Director, Evgeny Goremykin. Class is taken with other vocational students. This also gives prospective students an opportunity to meet other students, talk with them and see how the school operates and understand the teaching method. If you would like to come for an audition please give us a call (0207 498 0498) or send us an email ( to arrange the date when you can come. If you would like to visit the school this may also be arranged on request. 

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