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Adult Ballet Classes and Students

We consider adult ballet lessons a very important part of our work. These students are encouraged to feel as much a part of the school as vocational pupils. Classes are structured to offer a pathway for the student without any experience. Those with experience choose the level they feel most appropriate from which they continue to learn and make progress. All levels offer the opportunity to learn technique. The aim is to understand as much as possible about ballet and discover the joy it may bring to anyone, as part of their everyday life. If you have any queries about which is the best class for your requirements, please call the school where someone will be happy to advise you (0207 498 0498).

Introductory Ballet

These classes are suitable for people with no experience of ballet. They introduce students to the fundamentals of classical ballet which are the main positions of the feet and port de bras (the co-ordination of the movement of the arms, head and body). At this level emphasis is on barre work which enables the student to work properly, to build good posture and to feel a sense of poise as understanding develops. The aim of introductory ballet is to give the student control and to increase co-ordination in preparation for centre work. At this level centre work, which takes place at the end of the class, is kept simple.

Beginner's Ballet

In these classes dance combinations are created based on simple ballet steps. Students continue to work on posture and positions but classes are more fluid offering the joy of co-ordinating movement between poses. These classes encourage the student to work on their physical potential through stretching and with increased elements of adagio: the strong, slow movements that express emotion and mood. Barre is taught in traditional order, to warm the body and build muscles. There is now greater and faster repetition of steps but with continued focus on the correct execution of each movement. The aim is to transfer this new knowledge and strength into the centre to express real dance movements with confidence.

Intermediate Ballet

These classes are suitable for those already with a sound understanding of classical ballet technique or for those who have passed through the introductory and beginner's course. Students in these classes have reasonable flexibility, good stamina and strength. Complete sets of movements may be transferred from the barre to the centre and this requires ever greater co-ordination and control of the body. Pirouettes or turns and jumps are given at this level, as part of the dance combinations and expressive movement that make up the centre work.

Advanced Ballet

These are classes for those with strong technique and endurance developed through considerable recent training. They require a good knowledge of ballet vocabulary. Advanced ballet is distinguished from previous levels by an increase in both tempo and complexity of movements which require a considerable depth and variety of technique. The complex combinations of allegro or jumps and pirouettes are suitable for both the advanced students and the professional and graduate students. The class structure works either to keep the dancer’s body in top form for audition or in preparation for working in a company or simply to satisfy the most professional amateur.

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