42 Clapham Manor Street,
London, SW4 6DZ
Tel.: 020 7498 0498

At LRBS we offer classes for all ages and abilities. The Artistic Director of the school, Evgeny Goremykin, believes that all students deserve equal respect. His aim is to help his students learn. Every student is warmly welcomed and given encouragement, regardless of their age or experience.

Exercise is essential for the human body. Ballet is a unique form of activity because it is also an art. It is complex movement and emotional expression that is beautiful and challenging. A ballet class benefits posture, flexibility and physical strength with spiritual rewards too, through the music and emotion that are part of the art of ballet.

We have many adult amateur enthusiasts, some of whom travel long distances across London, as often as twice a week, for evening classes. LRBS greatly values the loyalty of these amateur students who have all gained a unique insight into ballet. Many feel it has strengthened their appreciation of and respect for ballet on stage.

Our amateur students come from all walks of life. Some have had a long standing desire but never had the opportunity to take up ballet. Others stopped dancing when they were young and now want to start ballet again whilst others have danced all their lives and do not wish to stop. At LRBS we believe it is never too late to start, renew or continue.

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