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Junior Vocational Classes

The five year programme for students aged 10-16 is the equivalent of a Russian Ballet School’s junior and middle classes. The programme involves six day a week attendance and includes an annual assessment. This must be passed in order to progress through the syllabus.

It is these five years that lay the foundations of a strong classical ballet technique. Gradual and proper development of the young body are essential for future success.

In addition to classical ballet, children on this vocational course must attend character, ballet techniques and repertoire classes. There is also the opportunity for junior students to perform and tour with the LRBS company. These performances fulfil part of their repertoire work and are vital for their understanding of the stage and theatre in the future.

The junior vocational programme does not offer full academic tuition, but a range of language GCSEs are available. The timetable has been devised to permit students to attend after school.

Auditions take place throughout the year and successful applicants are invited to attend classes immediately.

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