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The School was founded by Evgeny Goremykin and Harriet Pickering. Formerly Manor Studio the School started with only three students and one studio.

In 2008, as the school began to expand, a second studio was opened. During this period in the school’s growth, some of Evgeny’s students received recognition through awards such as the ‘Achievement of Young People in Choreography’. Others were so inspired by him and his teaching they continued their ballet education in vocational schools, both in Russia and on occasion in Great Britain. Numbers continued to increase and it became clear that the school must expand to meet the needs of the growing demands of its serious students. LRBS became determined to preserve and extend its policy of inclusive access to one of the greatest systems of ballet education, without the need to travel abroad.

In 2010 Manor Studio became ‘London Russian Ballet School’. Due to the rapid expansion of the school, through the ever growing demand for classes, a third studio was opened. The first vocational classes were now formalised and were built on the Russian programme of classical ballet education.

In 2010 performances were given both at City Hall for the Mayor of London and at Trinity Hospice. The first performance at the Britten Theatre, in the Royal College of Music, was given in October 2010. LRBS performs at the Britten Theatre in the Royal College of Music four times a year whilst performing elsewhere both in London and for other charities.

Alongside these more formal performances, LRBS students perform regularly for the school’s charity, Kids Love Lambeth, in schools throughout Lambeth. The outreach of LRBS brings ballet to hundreds of children. Its work epitomises a major aspect of the ethos of the school and reinforces the belief that ballet should be, and may be, accessible to all.

In 2011 LRBS performed over eleven times at different venues. Performances included three full length programmes at the Britten Theatre, a performance at the Amaryllis Fleming Hall in aid of Diabetes UK, a concert as part of the Diaghilev exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum and Swan Lake at the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall in aid of the charity Diema’s Dream. Throughout this period LRBS also continued to perform for schools in Lambeth with Kids Love Lambeth. A variety of performances have been undertaken in 2012 with four performances at the Britten Theatre, a performance at the Trinity Hospice, and a November concert with music scholars from the Royal College of Music. There are also competitions in Helsinki in which the most senior female dancer is competing.

Since its humble beginnings the school has gone from strength to strength and is now growing into a professional ballet school offering vocational classes to its ever increasing numbers of students.

Having benefitted greatly from the education and training he received at the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, Evgeny Goremykin’s wish is to offer the same opportunities to his students. The method of training replicates that followed in the best Russian vocational schools. Dedicated and passionate about his craft, Evgeny Goremykin is driven by the desire to pass on his knowledge, training and technique to the next generation of dancers.

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